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Black Dragonfish

The black dragonfish lives in the deep sea where darkness prevails. They are monstrous-looking with sharp, fang-like teeth. They even have teeth-like structures on their tongues.  These creatures are part of the malacosteid family of fish known as loosejaws and are unique in that they can produce and see red […]

Mantis Shrimp

This beautiful beast of the deep is more powerful than it looks. The peacock mantis shrimp is not a peacock, mantis or a shrimp.  Who came up with that name anyway? They are stomatopods which are distant relatives to crabs, shrimp and lobsters. Don’t even consider getting one for your […]


So pretty, and yet so stinky. The mandarinfish uses poison and a foul odor to keep predators away. I swear I know some humans like this, but that’s a different story for a different day.  Although its beautiful appearance may entice you to reach out and touch it, don’t. They […]

Sea Angel

How could you not love a gorgeous little creature like this?  It looks just like a tiny angel swimming through the sea – complete with “wings” (a.k.a. parapodia) and an ethereal glow.  These shell-less sea snails are mainly transparent and are known to zoom around reaching speeds of 100mm per […]