• RobynDVoisey@gmail.com
  • Ontario, Canada

About The Deck

Welcome to The Glow Oracle. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the energy of the animals in this deck, and their unique contribution to our beautiful planet as much as I do. 

When I began working on this oracle deck, I started creating images of creatures most of us know and love that light up all on their own through the magic of bioluminescence. The firefly and jellyfish for example, were must-have inclusions. As I got deeper into my research, I happened upon creatures that exhibited unexpected and unique relationships with light. It was at this point that I realized that I needed to expand my scope to include other phenomena including bio-fluorescence and iridescence.

As an energy healer and artist who has always had a passion for animals, this theme seemed like the perfect way to share healing light and positive energy with a little knowledge sprinkled in. I also felt compelled to add light language to each card in the form of channeled symbols – each one carrying the unique energy of the animal illustrated. 

We live on a planet of extreme beauty inhabited by countless creatures full of natural wisdom and extraordinary abilities that we can all learn from. I hope that these cards provide you with uplifting messages and perhaps a thirst for more knowledge about the earth and our animal kingdom.