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Black Dragonfish

The black dragonfish lives in the deep sea where darkness prevails. They are monstrous-looking with sharp, fang-like teeth. They even have teeth-like structures on their tongues. 

These creatures are part of the malacosteid family of fish known as loosejaws and are unique in that they can produce and see red light.  They are the snipers of the sea. The black dragonfish emanates red beams of light from photophores below their eyes giving them the ability to sneak up on their prey. This gives them an advantage, as the red light allows them to see their prey while staying invisible to their predators. They also produce blue-green light along their bodies, below their eyes and in the barbel that dangles below their jaw. This is used to lure fish and
other prey.  

This particular fish is extremely sexually dimorphic (The males and females are drastically different in many ways). The males are dark-brown in colour and don’t have the dangling barbel. In fact, they don’t possess functioning digestive systems at all, and have no teeth of any kind. Their sole purpose is reproduction. Female black dragonfish grow up to 40 centimeters in length while the males reach a maximum size of 5 centimeters.

Tidbit of Awesomeness – The black dragonfish is the only known creature to have chlorophyll in its eyes. This is believed to help them see red light.

The black dragonfish is suggesting that this may be one of those times when you need to remain stealthy and alert. Be thoughtful in your actions and reactions. Being aware of the impact your thoughts and emotions can have on others is just as important as assessing the impact others have on you. 

Plan your next move carefully and move ahead with purpose. Keep your plans to yourself and you will achieve success. But always remember to move ahead with the highest good in mind. Stealth doesn’t have to mean manipulation or attack. 

Keep your eyes open for those who appear to have bad intentions or may potentially blind-side you. Be alert and be aware.