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Black Dragonfish

The black dragonfish lives in the deep sea where darkness prevails. They are monstrous-looking with sharp, fang-like teeth. They even have teeth-like structures on their tongues.  These creatures are part of the malacosteid family of fish known as loosejaws and are unique in that they can produce and see red […]

The Cards

Each card in The Glow Oracle illustrates a creature, light language symbol and keywords to help trigger your intuition regarding the energy of the animal. Approximately one third of them represent animals that are bioluminescent, one third are bio-fluorescent and one third are iridescent.  The following images and details will give you a […]

Mantis Shrimp

This beautiful beast of the deep is more powerful than it looks. The peacock mantis shrimp is not a peacock, mantis or a shrimp.  Who came up with that name anyway? They are stomatopods which are distant relatives to crabs, shrimp and lobsters. Don’t even consider getting one for your […]


So pretty, and yet so stinky. The mandarinfish uses poison and a foul odor to keep predators away. I swear I know some humans like this, but that’s a different story for a different day.  Although its beautiful appearance may entice you to reach out and touch it, don’t. They […]

Sea Angel

How could you not love a gorgeous little creature like this?  It looks just like a tiny angel swimming through the sea – complete with “wings” (a.k.a. parapodia) and an ethereal glow.  These shell-less sea snails are mainly transparent and are known to zoom around reaching speeds of 100mm per […]

Conservation Status

A deck like this would not be complete without drawing attention to the species that are marked as vulnerable or endangered. The conservation status of any given species indicates the likelihood that it will become extinct. Many statistics are used to determine this including the number of remaining animals, the […]

About The Deck

Welcome to The Glow Oracle. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the energy of the animals in this deck, and their unique contribution to our beautiful planet as much as I do.  When I began working on this oracle deck, I started creating images of creatures most of us know and […]

The “Suits”

I use the word “suits” loosely as this deck is not divided strictly into different categories. All 64 of the creatures are unique in their contribution and beauty which is the main reason I strayed from dividing them into separate groups. With that said, the three light phenomena that are […]