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The Cards

Each card in The Glow Oracle illustrates a creature, light language symbol and keywords to help trigger your intuition regarding the energy of the animal. Approximately one third of them represent animals that are bioluminescent, one third are bio-fluorescent and one third are iridescent.  The following images and details will give you a […]

About The Deck

Welcome to The Glow Oracle. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the energy of the animals in this deck, and their unique contribution to our beautiful planet as much as I do.  When I began working on this oracle deck, I started creating images of creatures most of us know and […]

The “Suits”

I use the word “suits” loosely as this deck is not divided strictly into different categories. All 64 of the creatures are unique in their contribution and beauty which is the main reason I strayed from dividing them into separate groups. With that said, the three light phenomena that are […]