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  • Ontario, Canada

Light Language

As you’re flipping through The Glow Oracle, you will most likely notice a symbol on each card. These are light language symbols that carry the energy of each creature. This is not something you need to interpret or understand consciously. The symbols have been placed on the cards to enhance your energetic connection to them subconsciously and to provide additional healing energy.

Light language is multi-dimensional. You may not be aware of this, but your heart and soul speak light language fluently. It bypasses our human brains where we process words to communicate our thoughts and feelings. It is something you must feel instead of think about.

Light language can be written, drawn, spoken, sung, danced, signed or toned. I’m sure there are also many other ways to express it that I haven’t listed. Regardless of how it comes through, it carries its own vibration of healing. If you feel drawn to learn more about it, search for more information on the internet. There’s tons of fascinating videos and articles on the topic.