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  • Ontario, Canada

The Guidebook

The 148-page full-colour guidebook contains fascinating facts about each creature and the energies they have to share. Learn weird and wonderful tidbits of information about each one. For example:

  • Did you know that axolotls only live in the wild in the canals of Mexico City? There are more in pet owner aquariums around the world then there are in the wild. They are also capable of regenerating severed limbs and glow under ultraviolet light.
  • The Cuttlefish is colour blind, but capable of seeing light polarization. They are masters of camouflage and can mimic their surroundings perfectly, even in complete darkness. 
  • Horseshoe crabs are integral to medical research. They have blue copper-based blood which is ideal for testing vaccines to make sure they are free from bacterial contamination before rolling them out to the general public. They are also bio-fluorescent.
  • The mantis shrimp is so strong that it creates light and heat when it delivers a swift punch. It can easily break the glass of your aquarium if you try to keep one in captivity.

The guidebook also includes spread suggestions for oracle card readings and descriptions of the different light phenomena.